So Green Lantern‘s out. Yawn. I’m still waiting on Deadpool. And just look at what IMDB’s projecting for a release date. For shame, Ryan Reynolds, for shame.

Look, I’ve got nothing against Ryan Reynolds. He’s usually pretty funny. He was once engaged to Alanis Morissette, aka Kevin Smith’s God. He was even in Fifteen, Nickelodeon’s often-forgotten teen Drama. Anyone from a terrible show like that is automatically fantastic.

Billy Simpson, oh so dreamy

But delaying a movie about one of the funniest characters in comics just to play some stiff, boring DC superhero was a horrible lapse in judgment. At this point, any buzz garnered from the Wolverine movie has faded away completely. A Deadpool movie is going to look less and less profitable and relevant as time goes on. By 2014, it’ll be another What If? footnote in comics movie history.

And seriously, Green Lantern? A guy who uses a ring to save the world? What’s the appeal? Oh, wait…

Anyway, if you’re in my camp and pissed off about Reynolds choosing the Green Lantern over Deadpool, I recommend getting out some of that frustration. Learn how to draw the Green Lantern. And then learn how to deface him like a New York City subway movie poster.